๐Ÿ’ฐThe Game Economy

While you can enjoy, have fun with your friends playing 1986 Reborn, you can also profit from the Play To Earn experience to win real money, which makes the game even more exciting!

The primary currency, $RBN, symbolizes the essence of our metaverse. Serving as the foundational cryptocurrency for all on-chain transactions and exclusive offerings within the game, $RBN opens doors to acquiring unique starter packs, participating in exclusive NFT events, and seamlessly converting them into the in-game currency, TCR (Temporal Chrono Relics).

TCR stands as the metaverse's intrinsic currency, attainable through a myriad of avenues such as epic quests and triumphs over temporal adversaries. These valuable relics hold the key to interactions with non-playable characters (NPCs), including enigmatic time travelers and artifact collectors, and can also be entrusted within the metaverse's Temporal Vault for potential returns.

Within the immersive realm of 1986 Reborn, the journey extends beyond mere adventureโ€”it delves into the realms of financial opportunity. Empowered by the $RBN coin, players can engage in the trading of Chrono Tokens (NFT properties encompassing items, artifacts, and time-twisting spells) on our secure online marketplace. The seamless integration of renowned Wallets, such as MetaChron, ensures a user-friendly experience.

As the chronicles of 1986 Reborn unfold, the symbiotic relationship between $RBN and TCR ushers in a dynamic ecosystem. Traverse diverse eras, unearth hidden treasures, and maneuver your path through the tapestry of time. Whether you seek to amass rare artifacts, delve into strategic investments, or participate in the pulsating NFT market, the avenues for growth and triumph know no bounds. Prepare to enter a realm where the boundaries between virtual achievements and tangible rewards blurโ€”a world where your journey through time shapes the legacy you leave behind in 1986 Reborn.

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