⚙️The Technicals

1986 Reborn world is combined with blockchain to empower the accessibility and the ownership of users’ data/objects.

To delve into the rich expanse of 1986 Reborn, you'll require a Polygon-compatible wallet such as Metamask (or equivalent), enabling seamless access to the metaverse and authenticating your identity through a digital cryptographic signature.

Our game client for 1986 Reborn is meticulously crafted and consistently enhanced on the Unreal Engine 5 platform, ensuring a visually breathtaking experience and unparalleled immersion. The development of the game is executed through our dedicated online portal at 1986reborn.com, meticulously engineered for compatibility with Polygon. This dedication guarantees a fluid connection with the blockchain and an enthralling gameplay encounter.

1986 Reborn is an orchestration of both centralized and decentralized gateways. When you engage with the metaverse, a sophisticated backend game server, crafted in a language like C#, harmonizes your decentralized NFTs from your wallet to the game server while you traverse the temporal landscapes. A robust API functions as the conduit between your wallet and the server, expertly facilitating the manifestation and utilization of your characters, incantations, artifacts, and the metaverse's native currency. These entities are transmuted into NFTs while also being comprehensively cataloged within our centralized ACID database, granting you the liberty to augment and customize your virtual assets.

Upon connection to your Polygon-powered wallet, a streamlined proxy server guides you to a specific instance of the metaverse's portal. Here, you emerge within the enigmatic world of 1986 Reborn, poised to form alliances, partake in epic battles, and embark on quests that challenge your strategic prowess.

As you choose to step away from the metaverse's embrace, a pivotal choice presents itself—withdraw your possessions as NFTs. These blockchain-bound treasures are seamlessly dispatched by our advanced backend system, amalgamating centralized administration with the tenets of decentralization. This unique approach empowers you to claim perpetual ownership of your in-game assets, embodying their value throughout the corridors of time.

Join us on a journey through epochs, where the enigmatic meets the tangible, and where the intricacies of the blockchain breathe life into the legacy you craft within 1986 Reborn.

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