🧊The Tokenomics

$RBN will serve as an essential catalyst for all NFT-related actions within the realm of 1986 Reborn, encompassing crafting, enhancement, and fusion endeavors. The entire spectrum of artifacts, ranging from space-faring suits and resource-extraction apparatus to an array of weaponry and interstellar vessels, will exist as distinct non-fungible tokens, distinguished by an array of attributes and even imbued with serendipitous capabilities. These nuances usher forth a realm where diverse player strategies, activities, and intrinsic value coalesce to give rise to a boundless realm of possibilities.

The concept of dual tokens is crafted with meticulous care, offering enhanced stability and authoritative control over the overall valuation within the burgeoning economy of 1986 Reborn.

Complementing this dynamic is the introduction of SECC, a supplementary in-game credit system. Conceived to accommodate the voluminous frequency of in-game transactions, these credits do not inhabit the blockchain but can seamlessly transition into $SECC (Temporal Chrono Credits).

The multifaceted role of SECC unfolds through its utilization in diverse avenues: the refining and enhancement of foundational-tier NFTs, the augmentation of skills, acquisition of artifacts, procurement of essential resources for select NFTs, and the exchange into $RBN.

Maintaining its position of primacy, $RBN remains the principal token within the metaverse. SECC emerges as a meticulously crafted in-game credit framework, presenting players with an added dimension for participating in the intricacies of the metaverse's economy.

In a gradual progression, the initial influx of NFTs into the marketplace will pave the way for players to step into their roles as artisans, constructing NFTs in the heart of the metaverse. The path to creation involves resource gathering, adversarial triumphs, quest completions, skill advancements, and confrontations with formidable adversaries, all of which culminate in the acquisition of pivotal materials.

The equilibrium of the 1986 Reborn economy is maintained through a constellation of measures, including resource constraints, activity limitations, equipment maintenance outlays, and consequential in-game acquisitions. A vigilant development team stands attuned to the pulse of player feedback and market dynamics, ensuring that the metaverse's economic symphony resonates harmoniously.

This dynamic economy is interwoven with the tangible tapestry of real-world token values, trading frequencies, and the energetic player community. This intricate entwining empowers the metaverse to adapt nimbly to the cadence of market shifts while concurrently acknowledging that real-world dynamics can reverberate within the metaverse's own economic realm."

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